Hancock County primary results

With 88 percent of polling precincts reporting their primary election results, It looks like Scott Kane may become the next sheriff of Hancock County. J ust before midnight, Kane led fellow Republican Alan Brown (and fellow current officer in the Hancock County Sheriff’s Department) by 176 votes, enough to give him an edge of more than a […]

Bar Harbor New Biz

Every spring, new retail businesses open up in downtown Bar Harbor in places where old ones used to be. While many businesses last decades or more, there is a lot of changeover from one year to the next and trying to keep track of it and document it all would suck up an enormous amount […]

Woman from MDI falls to her death in NYC

This weekend, word has spread on Mount Desert Island and beyond about the death in New York City of Hannah Shaw. According to media reports from NYC, the MDI native died early Friday morning when she fell while trying to climb in through an exterior window into her boyfriend’s fourth-floor apartment in Brooklyn. She was 29 […]

Mr. Boston Comes A-Calling

If liquor distilling companies were ships, then it could be said that this past week the SS Sazerac fired a shot glass of coffee brandy across the bow of the M.S. Walker. Bold move for such an upstart. New Orleans-based Sazerac, maker of Mr. Boston Coffee Flavored Brandy, has decided to set up shop in M.S. Walker’s […]

Allen’s and BuzzFeed Balderdash

A few weeks ago, the “news” website BuzzFeed did something it has a reputation for doing. It created an arbitrary list of highly subjective “facts” about something popular in American culture – namely, booze – and slapped it up on the Internet, hoping it would attract a lot of eyeballs (which I am quite sure […]