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Woman from MDI falls to her death in NYC

This weekend, word has spread on Mount Desert Island and beyond about the death in New York City of Hannah Shaw. According to media reports from NYC, the MDI native┬ádied early Friday morning when she fell while trying to climb in through an exterior window into her boyfriend’s fourth-floor apartment in Brooklyn. She was 29 […]

Hancock County and national security

This post has been corrected to clarify the distinction between the positions of National Security Advisor and director of the National Security Agency. If President Obama’s latest nominee to run the National Security Agency and U.S. Cyber Command gets approved by the Senate, he will be one of a handful of high-level national security officials […]

MDI Mansion Demolished

Sayonara, La Selva. The 8,700 square-foot mansion, which had stood in Bar Harbor overlooking Frenchman Bay since the late 19th century, is no more. I’m not sure precisely when it was demolished, but noticed the other day while driving by the two-acre property on Route 3 that the home, once owned by a member of […]

The ‘Gay Panic’ Defense in Vassalboro

Seeing the recent headlines about the killing of Thomas Namer in Vassalboro, I’ve been reminded of another homicide on MDI that I wrote about 12 years ago. In both cases, the men accused in the killings said that their violent outbursts were precipitated by unwelcome sexual advances from the men they killed. This is what […]

Bar Harbor ‘Starship’ for Sale

Another mansion on Mount Desert Island is on the market – one I was unaware of before the real estate listing popped up recently on my Facebook feed. For a cool $5.3 million, it can be yours. It is not one of the island’s more historic (late 19th/early 20th-century) properties, several of which got a […]

Volcanoes on MDI?

A friend once told me he read a seemingly serious book on the geology of Mount Desert Island that concluded that it was so unusual that MDI must in fact be the lost mythological island of Atlantis. Which is pretty weird, right? Well, today a story posted at showed up on my Facebook feed […]