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Mr. Boston Comes A-Calling

If liquor distilling companies were ships, then it could be said that this past week the SS SazeracĀ fired a shot glassĀ of coffee brandy across the bow of the M.S. Walker. Bold move for such an upstart. New Orleans-based Sazerac, maker of Mr. Boston Coffee Flavored Brandy, has decided to set up shop in M.S. Walker’s […]

Allen’s and BuzzFeed Balderdash

A few weeks ago, the “news” website BuzzFeed did something it has a reputation for doing. It created an arbitrary list of highly subjective “facts” about something popular in American culture – namely, booze – and slapped it up on the Internet, hoping it would attract a lot of eyeballs (which I am quite sure […]

The Latest Brews

It’s been over a week since we published my story about Maine breweries as a whole increasing their production by more than 50 percent since 2009, but still the news has some fizz. Associated Press picked up on it, which probably is how the story came to the attention of New England Cable News and […]

Allen’s Coffee Flavored Brandy Sales

I like spreadsheets. I find them useful for organizing and maintaining data on election results, commercial fish landings, municipal property valuations, federal stimulus awards, and census figures. I also use them to keep track of the annual list of Top 25 most popular brands and bottle sizes of liquor in Maine. In particular, they are […]