Watch what some people do for fun in Acadia National Park


Brett Allen reaches for his next hold while climbing this past summer at Otter Cliffs in Acadia National Park . Ashley L. Conti | BDN

As visitation to Acadia National Park has been on the rise, more people have been pursuing new types of outdoor activities in the park and have been using emerging online and mobile applications to measure and disseminate their exploits, some traditional and some less so, on the Internet.

The increasingly varied activities and occasional conflicts between them have posed a management challenge for park officials who are charged with striking a balance between those who use the park and the need to protect the park’s natural resources. Those activities and the beauty of Acadia also have inspired visitors to record a fair number of videos that have been posted to YouTube.

Here’s a sample of some videos we found of people getting out and enjoying the park by various means. Think of it as in mini, Acadia-specific, Banff Film Festival in your lap or the palm of your hand.

NOTE: Most, and perhaps all, of these videos depict people pursuing fully allowable and even officially encouraged activities in Acadia National Park, but keep in mind that just because somebody recorded video of a particular activity in Acadia and posted it online, it does not mean it is allowed by park rules. If you are not sure, please consult with a park ranger about what activities are permitted.

Here are some from the YouTube account of Eric Maughan:

This one is a television commercial for a BMW motorcycle that was filmed in Acadia a year ago:

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