Month-long snow record set in Bangor


If ever there is a New England Weather Hall of Fame, the Winter of 2015 will undoubtedly be an early inductee.

Snowfall records already have been set in this month in Boston and in Eastport, and now – after tying a 46-year-old record on Feb. 9 – Bangor has been added to the list of most-evers.

According to the National Weather Service, Maine’s Queen City has set a new high mark for snowfall over a 31-day period – and it did so in only 28 days.

Since Jan. 24, 60.8 inches (a little more than 5 feet) of snow have fallen in Bangor, surpassing the 59.4 inches that fell in Bangor between Feb. 1 and March 3, 1969. Records for Bangor have been kept since 1926, according to the federal agency.

But don’t get too hung up on that 60.8-inch measurement. The 31-day period won’t come to a close until Feb. 23, which is this coming Monday. According to weather forecasters, Bangor (along with Hancock and Washington counties – including Eastport) could get another “seven or more inches” of snow between Saturday evening and early Sunday afternoon.

Photo: Snow drifts pile against columns, windows and doors in downtown Bar Harbor on Feb. 11, 2015. Bill Trotter|BDN

Bill Trotter

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