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The story about Downeast Institute for Applied Marine Research and Education that the BDN published this week focuses on lobster aquaculture research spearheaded by Dr. Brian Beal, DEI’s director of research. I drove to the town of Beals from Ellsworth on May 23 and spent a few hours talking to Beal and his assistants about the type of research they do. (If the weather is nice, I always try to drive to Jonesport through South Addison and along Basin Road, where the scenery is terrific.)

DEI is located in a former indoor lobster pound, but they use it for a lot more than studying lobsters. They spend a lot of time researching soft -shell clams, hard-shell clams, oysters, mussels, scallops and other types of marine shellfish. DEI also has a classroom is uses to teach schoolkids and UMaine Machias students about the marine environment.

I could not find a suitable place in the story to mention this other research, but I did come away with enough footage to piece together a video that sums up what they do. There’s already a video posted on the BDN website that shows Dr. Beal talking about his lobster aquaculture research. A link to another video that I pieced together is here.

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